Proposed Maranoa Meatworks – A Step Closer

Maranoa Regional Council has this week, Council granted approval to seek a proposal and quotation to update Council’s Maranoa Meat Processing Facility pre-feasibility report.

The move follows a 2016 study commissioned by the Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) to determine the best proposal, most likely to be sustainable and offer investment proposition.

That study promoted the Maranoa as a key prospect for investing in an export accredited abattoir.

Councillor Cameron O’Neil, Portfolio Chair for Economic Development says the updated report will reflect recent changes to market conditions and trends to outline the relative advantages of supporting an export accredited abattoir proposal for the Maranoa.

“The Queensland Government is in full support of a new Meatworks in Queensland and Roma has a lot to offer.”

“It is an exciting time for the Maranoa, with this concept in the works for many years, we are now able to approach developers and investors for the potential project.”

Councillor O’Neil says a new meatworks would diversify the regions’ agricultural industry base.

“It’ll create jobs and provide broad reaching economic benefits to our community. Our role as Councillors is to always have the long-term outlook of our community at the forefront of our plans and this is another example of our commitment to facilitate long term opportunities for our region.”