Pulling the Long Christmas Drive in The South West

The Christmas and New Year Holiday sees a sharp increase to traffic along our highways and roads.

police-the-fatal-fiveAnd while it’s a fantastic time for catching up with loved ones, to head home for Christmas or start an adventure however travelling long distances can be tiring; physically and mentally.

Police urge all motorists to consider the Fatal Five contributing factors to road fatalities which include speeding, drink and drug driving, failing to wear a seatbelt, being distracted and fatigue.

Officer in Charge of Dalby Road Policing Unit Sergeant Mark Woitowitz has a warning for all our road users right across the South West.

“Quite often the signs of fatigue go underestimated and ignored until it’s too late. With many motorists in the Dalby Burnett covering such large distances it can be tempting to ignore the warning signs of fatigue. Driver fatigue often occurs when people are not getting enough sleep, driving at times you would normally be asleep and being physically and mentally tired.”

fatalfive “Additionally, it can be quite difficult to police. It really is the responsibility of each driver to identify the warning signs early and to insist on pulling over for a sleep if they feel they are getting tired.”

“Most of our fatal traffic incidents this year have been single vehicles, quite possibly the result of driving tired. Other road users can assist us in identifying tired drivers by reporting vehicles that appear to be swerving or having trouble staying on the road.”

Passengers should encourage drivers to share the driving if they are able and to keep an eye on the driver’s alertness.

“Plan your trips allowing adequate rest stops and ensure you are getting sufficient sleep. This will ensure that Christmas is not tarnished by tragedy.”