QFF joins the Regional, Rural and Remote Consumers Coalition

The Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) has thrown its support behind the national Regional, Rural and Remote Communications Coalition (RRRCC).

CommunicationsRRRCC was formed with the express intent of highlighting the collective concerns of families, businesses and communities about inequitable access to telecommunications services in the rural and regional Australia.

QFF President Stuart Armitage welcomes the partnership with the RRRCC.

“QFF’s member organizations collectively represent more than 13,000 primary producers across the state who rely on access to suitable telecommunications and internet services to support their businesses. This requires not only attention to ‘mobile blackspots’, but also suitable download and upload speeds.”

Mr Armitage says the current level of mobile and internet service available to farm businesses in regional Queensland is just not good enough.

“It is stifling our sector and our communities and their ability to properly benefit from positive innovations available to other Australians.”

“If the federal government is fair-dinkum about its decentralization agenda and attracting businesses to rural and regional communities to create more opportunities, addressing the telecommunications shortfalls that exist is a fundamental building block.”