Quad bike fatality prompts calls for safety


The fatality of an 18-year-old man in Nindigully this weekend has highlighted the need to improve quad bike safety.

Through the input of ten government agencies and industry leaders, a Statewide bike safety plan has been launched this week.

The State Government’s Statewide Plan for Improving Quad Bike Safety will aim to cut the number of fatalities and injuries associated with quad bikes.

Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace is hoping to create a safety culture through education and awareness, improving safety step by step.

“Over the last five years in Queensland, there have been around 1500 quad bike-related hospitalisations,” Ms Grace says.

“Quad bikes have played a role in the deaths of 69 people in Queensland in the last fifteen years and that’s clearly way too many.”

“That’s why we’ve launched a Statewide quad bike safety plan aimed squarely at cutting these numbers. Our immediate first step towards improving safety outcomes for quad bike users and their passengers will be through re-education.”

The plan intends greater safety precautions to be taken while on the road and that bike riders across the region follow a series of basic rules.

“Always wear a helmet and never let children ride adult sized quad bikes,” Ms Grace explains.

“Never carry passengers on quads which aren’t designed for it and take a rider training course. These are just some of the basic rules included.”

The Statewide Plan for Improving Quad Bike Safety in Queensland can be downloaded from www.worksafe.qld.gov.au

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