Record Failures in State Budget on Debt, Taxes and Unemployment

Member for Warrego Ann Leahy is none too pleased with the efforts of the State Government as it presents its new 2018-2019 Budget.

Ann Leahy 4

Ms Leahy says the Budget brings new taxes and more borrowings.

“The Queensland State Budget 2018 shows higher state debt, five new taxes and higher unemployment, despite a windfall in mining royalties.”

“Five new taxes, an $83 billion debt bomb and the worst unemployment rates in Australia have been revealed in the Labor Governments State Budget.”

Ms Leahy says the five new taxes are coupled with four new fees and charges will raise $2.25 billion including a tax grab of $1.3 billion from the waste tax.

“The new State Taxes and higher fees will impact business and households – forcing up the cost of living on families.”

“Labor’s debt bomb is costing the Queensland economy $10 million a day, or $420 000 an hour and more than $7 per minute. Not only is there is debt to pay back but the growing interest bill diverts funds away from necessary infrastructure projects like hospitals, roads and front-line services.”

Ms Leahy says she’s also livid that the Premier has failed to deliver on her target to reduce unemployment below 6 %.

“Unemployment has risen from 6.1% to 6.5% or equal to the worst in the nation and a staggering 54.2 % in youth unemployment in the outback.”

But Ms Leahy says all has not been in vain for the Warrego electorate.

“I have been fighting hard with the community for infrastructure projects and have been successful in securing budget funding for the following projects –

Charleville QFES area office refurbishment $0.5 million
Thargomindah Geothermal Power Plant $2.6 million
Roma Hospital redevelopment $40.1 million
Dirranbnandi auxiliary fire and rescue station upgrade $0.5 million
Warrego Highway rail crossing upgrade Chinchilla $14.5 million
Warrego Highway overtaking lanes Dalby to Miles $20.2 million
Warrego Highway safety upgrade Oakey to Miles $19.8 million
Warrego Highway widen and apply wide centre line treatment $44 million
Warrego Highway Drillham Jackson Widening Upgrade $7 million
Warrego Highway Miles Western Access Upgrade $5.3 million
Carnarvon Highway widening St George to Surat $8.7 million
Chinchilla State High School New multipurpose Hall $3.598 million
Tara Shire State College Early Years’ Service $1.342 million
Dalby Civic Centre development $0.751 million
Dalby State School additional classrooms and administration block $2.8 million
Tara Shire State College early years’ service $3.6 million
Beardmore Dam Thuraggi channel repair $1.2 million
Dalby Eastern and Western Access upgrade $21.3 million
Kogan Creek Power Station $90.5 million
Kogan Creek Mine develop and refurbish $8.6 million