Record Sales for Roma


It was a good year at the saleyards last year with a record $327 million in sales recorded in Roma.

Experts put the record down to the increase in cattle prices throughout the year, boosting the end total.

Saleyards Operation Manager Terry Hyland says the yarding numbers for cattle stayed high all through 2015.

“The extensive drought conditions across south-west Queensland caused much of the cattle to be yarded,” he says.

“Another contributing factor to increased numbers was the large increase in the value of cattle, which has enabled livestock producers to turn-off cattle at a younger age.”

In 2015 a massive 409,172 head of cattle were sold and a further 157,760 steers, 139,926 heifers, and 9,356 bullocks were yarded.

That was an increase from 2014’s 327,665 head of cattle which only sold for $164 million.

Ray White Rural Livestock Agent Jack Clanchy says high demand and limited supply drove the cattle price higher.

“’Let’s wait and see’ seems to be the general attitude of cattle producers about the current weather and season,” he says.

“I have a lot of positives about the cattle industry and livestock producers appear to have a lot of positives about the cattle markets.”

Here’s hoping this year is just as successful.