Police warn drivers to lock it or lose it

Lock it or lose it

Think your unlocked car is safe for five minutes while you run into the shops? Think again!

The South West District Police have found 34 percent of reported car thefts and break ins are the result of motor vehicles being unlocked or insecure with car keys being left in the ignition.

Police across the district are urging people to take the time to ensure their vehicle is secure at all times.

An on-the-spot fine of $47 can be issued if you are more than 3 meters away from your insecure vehicle.

Senior Constable Rochelle Gillett, District Crime Prevention Coordinator says the opportunist thieves are relying on people being careless in securing their vehicles.

“We’ve even seen a couple of vehicles with keys in the ignition and the car left on while people go in to do their shopping while their car is running,” Senior Constable Gillett said.

She admits that on an average walk through the CBD of Roma the police can come across 10 to 20 unlocked cars, including the Westland Plaza car park.

The warning is not only aimed at vehicles in built up areas as offenders are also targeting rural properties.

“The point is that it doesn’t matter where you’re living, if you’re living on a rural property you still need to keep all your vehicles locked and your houses,” Senior Constable Gillett said.

Police will be doing more foot patrols in a bid to act as a deterrent to thieves but Senior Constable Gillett says  on-the-spot fines will be issued to ensure the message of car security sinks in.