Roma Police Report March 11

Roma Police Station

Roma Police Station

Break and Enter

There was an unlawful entry into the Roma State College Senior Campus sometime between the 7th and 8th of April.

The offenders gained entrance to the Jubilee Hall through the sliding windows but allegedly didn’t damage anything.

Police ask the public to call police immediately if they see anyone acting suspiciously on school property after hours, particularly on school holidays.


Drugs arrest

On April 6th, Roma Police located a small quantity of cannabis in residence on Foot Street after executing a drug warrant.

A 25 year old female will appear at Roma Magistrates Court on April 27th.


Drink Driving 

On April 7, Roma Police intercepted a vehicle on Currey Street just before midnight and conducted a random breathalyzer test.

The 27 year old female driver recorded a breath analysis of 0.061 alcohol.

The offender will appear at Roma Magistrates Court on April 27.