Roma Police Report March 7

Roma Police Station

Roma Police Station

Graffiti at Lions Club Park

Graffiti was discovered at the Lions Club Park.

Police believe offenders used a Nico pen to write obscenities on the playground equipment prior to March 4.

Graffiti at Roma Railway Station

Graffiti was discovered at the Roma Railway Station after the offenders allegedly trespassed on the railway tracks approximately between 4 pm on March 5 and 3.30 pm on March 6.

The offenders used green and orange spray paint to graffiti on the side of the locomotives the walls and windows of the railway station building.

Police office assaulted at Yuleba

Police attended a disturbance in Yuleba at approximately 10.30 pm on March 6, after a 32 year old woman had walked into the middle of the road yelling obscenities.

Police warned the woman to go back into her house but she allegedly ignored the warnings.

While police attempted to arrest the woman for public nuisance she allegedly punched a police officer with closed fist in face.

The alleged offender received bail and will appear at Roma Magistrates Court on March 30 to face five charges including serious assault of police officer, public nuisance and obstruction.

The assaulted police officer didn’t receive any major injuries as a result of the assault.