Roma cattle sales report

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Your weekly Roma Cattle Sales Report and Stock Report brought to you by PJH Livestock & Property.

Each we week we bring you cattle sale prices, stock and station news and other information.

We provide the full range of Livestock services with weekly Store and Prime sales held at the largest selling centre, Roma Saleyards along with a local Raine & Horne Rural Real Estate office.

Roma Prime Sale Thursday, 15 February 2018

A total yarding of 1,542 head of cattle were penned at Roma’s Prime Sale on Thursday.

Steers over 550kg sold to 278c/kg and averaged 260c/kg, while steers in the 400-550kg class sold to 263c/kg, averaging 243c/kg.

Ian Duff – ‘Duffields’ – Roma sold Droughtmaster steers for 278c/kg at 635kg returning $1,768/head.

S.F. & H.E. Wilkin – ‘Everbroke’ – Roma sold Charolais cross steers for 270c/kg at 640kg returning $1,729/head.

Heifers over 450kg made to 242c/kg and averaged 230c/kg, heifers in the 350-450kg class sold to 242c/kg, averaging 221c/kg.

Doce Pty Ltd – ‘The Bend South’ – Roma sold Droughtmaster cross heifers at 241c/kg for 497kg returning $1,199/head.

D & C McInnerney – ‘Combarngo’ – Yuleba sold Charolais cross heifers for 240c/kg at 457kg returning $1,097/head.

Cows over 500kg peaked at 218c/kg and averaged 211c/kg, while cows in the 400-500kg class topped at 226c/kg and averaged 200c/kg.

Cows 300-400kg sold to 205c/kg and averaged 170c/kg.

CF & D Walsh – ‘Townsend’ – Roma sold Brahman cows for 263c/kg at 525kg returning $1,381/head.

BC & KA Adams -‘Kingswood’ – Taroom sold Santa cross cows for 218c/kg at 638kg returning $1,393.

Dalawai Holdings – ‘Flagstone’ – Roma sold Santa cows for 218c/kg at 572kg returning $1,249/head.

The Enniskillen Pastoral Co. – ‘Mt Enniskillen’ – Blackall sold Santa cows for 217c/kg at 550kg returning $1,196/head.

L.G. & L.E. Jukes & Sons – ‘Tregoning’ – Morven sold Simbrah Cross cows for 215c/kg at 592kg returning $1,273/head.

Lenny Perrett – ‘Tunis’ – Injune sold Brahman cross cows for 215c/kg at 581kg returning $1,251/head.

Reynella Grazing Co – ‘Reynella’ – Charleville sold Droughtmaster cross cows for 215c/kg at 571kg returning $1,228.

C.J. & R. Jackson – ‘Rockvale’ – Injune sold Santa Cross cows for 212c/kg at 643kg returning $1,365/head.

R.D. & E.A. Lister – ‘Trevallen’ – Roma sold Santa cows for 212c/kg at 582kg returning $1,235/head.

CJ Melcer – ‘Sorries’ – Roma sold Brahman cows for 210c/kg at 514kg returning $1,080/head.

Bryan Grazing Co – ‘Ernestine Plains’ – Cloncurry sold Brahman cows for 210c/kg at 512kg returning $1,075/head.

Glenorie Grazing – ‘Glenorie’ – Morven sold Santa Cross cows for 206c/kg at 565kg returning $1,166/head.

C.L. Muller – ‘Maronan Station’ – Cloncurry sold Brahman cross cows for 200c/kg at 360kg returning $720/head.

Bulls over 600kg earned to 266c/kg and averaged 242c/kg.

CA Crozier & TF Rule – ‘Quiney’ – Mungallala sold Droughtmaster bulls for 243c/kg at 820kg returning $1,994/head.