Roma cattle sales and stock report

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Your weekly Roma Cattle Sales and Stock Report brought to you by PJH Livestock & Property.

Each we week we bring you cattle sale prices, stock and station news and other information.

We provide the full range of Livestock services with weekly Store and Prime sales held at the largest selling centre, Roma Saleyards along with a local Raine & Horne Rural Real Estate office.

Roma Prime Sale Thursday, 27 April 2017

A total yarding of 1,202 head of cattle were penned at Roma’s Prime Sale on Thursday.

Steers over 550kg sold to 306c/kg and averaged 294c/kg, while steers in the 400-550kg sold to 289c/kg, averaging 278c/kg.

I.J & S.M McRoberts – ‘Wongamere’, Morven – sold Cross-breed steers at 378c/kg for 177kg returning $671/head. The Cross-breed cows went for 220c/kg at 470kg returning $1034/head.

D.W & J.L Sullivan – ‘Studley’, Roma – sold Santa-cross steers for 304c/kg at 678kg returning $2063/head. The Angus-cross steers sold to 303c/kg for 690kg returning at $2094/head.

S Kidman & Co – ‘Glengyle Station’, Birdsville – sold Santa steers for 300c/kg at 550kg returning $1651/head. The Charolais-cross bulls went for 250c/kg at 837kg returning $2095/head, whereas the Santa-cross bulls sold at 251c/kg for 605kg returning a total of $1519/head. The Santa Mickey bulls sold for 292c/kg at 469kg returning to $1371/head. And the Santa cows sold at 245c/kg for 684kg returning a total of $1677/head.

John E York – ‘Taunton’, Roma – sold Santa-cross steers for 288c/kg at 658kg returning to $1898/head.

Heifers over 450kg made to 280c/kg and averaged 252c/kg, and heifers in the 350-450kg range also sold at a top of 280c/kg, averaging 277c/kg. Cows over 500kg peaked at 272c/kg and averaged 241c/kg, while cows in the 400-500kg class topped at 259c/kg and averaged 232c/kg. Cows 300-400kg sold to 234c/kg and averaged 208c/kg.

Lawton & Lawton – ‘Brackenburgh’ Winton – sold Santa cows for 248c/kg at 680kg returning $1687/head. The Charbray cows went for 243c/kg at 614kg returning $1494/head. And the Brahman cows went at 250c/kg for 593kg returning $1484/head. The Santa bulls made 248c/kg for 1560kg returning $1935/head.

Maronan Pastoral – ‘Maronan Station’, Cloncurry – sold Brahman cows for 246c/kg at 596kg returning a total of $1467/head. The Santa bulls sold for 251c/kg at 910kg returning $2285/head.

Hayes Grazing Partnership – ‘Larapinta’, Jackson – sold EU accredited Charolais-cross cows at 244c/kg for 672kg returning $1643/head. The Santa-cross cows went for 245c/kg at 623kg returning $1529/head.

A.T & R.M Versace – ‘Mt Organ’, Wandoan – sold Santa-cross cows for 243c/kg at 638kg returning $1553/head.

M.J & Z.M Bonisch – ‘Linga-Longa’, Injune – sold Brahman cows for 240c/kg at 503kg returning to $1209/head. The Charbray bull went for 233c/kg at 840kg returning $1959/head.

S.F & H.E Wilkin – ‘Everbroke’, Roma – sold Brahman-cross cows for 235c/kg at 530kg returning $1247/head.

S.D & M.J Russell – ‘Wodonga’, Mungallala – sold Cross-breed cows for 231c/kg at 508kg returning to $1174/head.

Bulls over 600kg earned to 255c/kg and averaged 235c/kg.