Set sail on the voyage of a lifetime with Endeavour

Young Endeavvour

Are you aged between 16-23?

Has your heart yearned for an adventure on the high seas?

Do you want to learn valuable leadership and life skills?

Then the Young Endeavour is waiting for you to get on board!

Maranoa Regional Council have opened their annual Young Endeavour Scheme Scholarship for a lucky few to join the crew and set sail across the high seas.

Over eleven days, young Aussies will take part on a voyage of a lifetime, learning various skills along the way. Not only will the chosen crew learn how to sail a ship and work together as a team, but they will also see spectacular parts of Australia that many have never seen before.

On board, the crew will learn to sail a 44-meter-tall ship on the open sea. They will be involved in all aspects of managing the vessel such as climbing the mast, setting the sails, helping in the galley and navigating.

But… a Young Endeavour voyage is not just a leisurely cruise.

Former Young Endeavour sailor Christopher Gough explained that it is both a challenging and exhilarating time in your life.

“The Young Endeavour is a truly amazing experience,” Christopher said.

“It’s quite unlike anything I could have imagined. It has helped me discover more about who I really am.”

Applications for the Scheme Scholarship close at 5.00pm Monday 22 February. Apply now to take part on the adventure of a lifetime!

To find out more on how to apply, visit