Seven Projects get $1.5 million

partheniumSeven strategic projects Resource Management Projects across South West Queensland to have received a funding boost.

Minister for Natural Resources and Mines Dr Anthony Lynham has announced funding for The $1.55 million funding will allow regional NRM bodies in South West Queensland to invest in a range of projects that provide on-ground outcomes.

The Queensland Murray-Darling Committee will receive $600,000 for three projects to promote sustainable agriculture, reduce threats and improve water quality in the Murray-Darling Basin.

They are:

  • The Basin Landscapes and People Sustainable Agriculture project: It involves landholders in landscape scale planning to improve land condition to build resilience in the Queensland Murray-Darling Basin.
  • The Basin Landscapes and People Threat Abatement project: It will focus on reducing the threat of parthenium weed and feral pigs to the Basin by targeting high priority areas.
  • The Basin Landscapes and People Water Quality project: It aims to improve water quality in the Lower Condamine, Border Rivers and Maranoa Balonne by reducing sediment, nutrient and pesticide entering the waterways.

Condamine Alliance will receive $600,000 for a three-part project to improve landscape resilience and productivity in the Condamine region.

Part one of the Improving Landscape Resilience and Productivity in Condamine Alliance Region will target key weeds and pests including Bridal Creeper, Harissa Cactus, Devil’s Rope Pear, Honey Locust and feral deer.

The second part will introduce landholders in the Chinchilla/Jandowae and Dalby/Millmerran areas to new and improved management practices to minimise land degradation and, in turn, reduce future mitigation and restoration costs.

Part three of the project will introduce landholders in the Killarney and Warwick areas to new and improved management practices to minimise the threat to the health of rivers upstream of Warwick.

South West NRM will receive $350,000 to reduce the weed and pest threat to increase agricultural production and biodiversity in South West Queensland.

The Closing the Gap project will see South West NRM work with four local councils and landholders to address weed and pest management issues including parthenium and prickly Acacia and feral dogs, cats and pigs.