Sewer Manholes Under Inspection

Maranoa Regional Council will be undertaking regulatory maintenance inspections on sewer manholes next week in Roma to determine their condition.

Councillor David Schefe, Portfolio Chair for Utilities says the inspections will help Council plan for a future renewal program.

“These inspections will identify whether rehabilitation or replacement will be required for sewer manholes.”

Inspections will commence next week, starting north of Miscamble Street and are anticipated to take six weeks to complete.

Council staff will require access to manholes on residential properties.

Only visual inspections will be undertaken once the manhole lid is removed (this will take approximately 30 minutes).

If manholes are buried or covered, Council will raise manholes to surface level to ensure they are easily accessible at all times.

A map outlining the location of manholes to be inspected can be found on Council’s website.