St George Information Session – Impacts of Drugs


The South West Hospital and Health Service and Drug ARM Australasia will host an information session at St George on the impacts of drug use later this month.

South West HHS Alcohol and Other Drugs Service Community Prevention Officer Michael Reddan says the information session on 25 October was open to anyone who was interested.

“The aim of the information session is for community members to gain an overview of the harmful effects of drugs, especially cannabis and methamphetamines, and learn about services we have available.”

“The event will be delivered in an informal setting so the attendees will be able to feel comfortable to have a conversation with the health professionals who will be present that night.’’

Mr Reddan says substance issues of any kind could have devastating health and personal consequences for the people affected.

“We recognise that the misuse of legal and illegal substances, as well as a range of other problems, is a symptom in many cases of underlying issues which can lead to a range of risky behaviours.”

The South West HHS and other agencies, such as Drug ARM Australasia, have programs in place to help people with substance use issues and we will be detailing these options at the information session.

The St George impacts of drugs information session will be held on 25 October, from 5 pm to 6 pm at Care Balonne, 84–86 Victoria St.

To register, or for further information, contact Care Balonne on 4625 5450.