Stay water safe these School Holidays

Pulling out the Boat for the school holidays at any time?

If so Police are asking one simple question – Do you know how to use your safety equipment?
Senior Sergeant Thiry says with a large number of different brands and types of safety equipment now available to boat owners, it is important to take the time to understand how to operate and use these life saving devices before you hit the water.

“People should spend to spend 5 to 10 minutes reading and recognizing how their safety equipment functions before they head out for the holidays.”

“Having a good knowledge of how to put on a life jacket or activate a distress flare before the need arises is a necessary skill for anyone on the water.”
“It’s also a good time to check your equipment is in good condition and hasn’t reached its expiry date.”

“A number of Police operations will run from 16 September to 1 October across the state, targeting safety, drugs and alcohol offences. Joint patrols will also be conducted with other government agencies to ensure safety of everyone on the water.”

A few other things to remember that might save your life.
• Always check your vessel, engine/s and boat trailer before leaving home.
• Tell someone where you are going and when you are returning in case something goes wrong, this way Police will then know where to start looking.
• Check the forecast weather, a bright sunny morning could change over the course of the day.
• Most importantly, make sure everyone on your boat knows how to use all the safety equipment in the event of an emergency.