Support – Not More Red Tape Please

AgForce is urging all political parties to provide more support for agricultural best management practice (BMP) programs rather than impose more red tape that just makes it harder for farmers to do their jobs and produce more food.

Red tape
AgForce General President Grant Maudsley has joined with CANEGROWERS Chairman Paul Schembri and Queensland Farmers’ Federation President Stuart Armitage today to highlight how BMP programs were the most enduring way to improve water quality in the Great Barrier Reef.

“Like all Queenslanders, farmers want to see the Great Barrier Reef protected and preserved for future generations.”

“The agricultural sector is doing its bit to improve water quality through the roll-out of Best Management Practice programs that help farmers benchmark their business against the best industry standards using the best available science.”

“More than 2000 Queensland cattle producers managing more than 28 million hectares of land have now adopted the Grazing BMP program to both boost their budget bottom line and showcase their environmental credentials.”

Mr Maudsley says that this State Election is important.

“The best way to achieve real practical change in the agricultural sector is through leading by example, providing incentives and giving landholders a sense of ownership towards the change.”

Mr Maudsley says AgForce had been particularly disappointed the Premier committed to re-introducing flawed vegetation management laws already rightly rejected by the Queensland Parliament.

“All we have ever asked for is fair and balanced vegetation management laws so we can produce food for family dinner tables across Australia and throughout the world.”

“AgForce maintains that high value agriculture and irrigated high value agriculture developments present a much needed social and economic opportunity for Queensland, and Labor’s proposed ban is both short-sighted and unnecessary.”

“We urge all politicians to work with farmers, not against us, and commit to policies that take agriculture forward, not hold us back. Because if agriculture thrives, Queensland thrives.”