The Count down for the Count

Election general update - all areas

The job of establishing the results from today’s State Election Poll has commenced as scrutineers across the State watch on and oversee the arduous task of tallying the votes cast by more than 3 million Queenslanders today and at pre-polling.

While solid indications for Our Towns and the region are expected by around ten tonight, observers are saying it may well be weeks before we know who will be able form Government and lead the state for the next 35 months.

The re-introduction of compulsory preferential voting, the addition of new seats following the redistribution and the impact of minor parties will slow tonight’s’ count compared to the last two state elections.

After the last state election, it was nearly two weeks before it became clear that Labor under the leadership of Annastacia Palaszczuk would be able to form a minority Government- with support from independent Peter Wellington, the Katter Australian Party and other independents.

Predictions of the outcome from the expert anyalists have not been this mixed for more than a decade and half.

Most say an outright win for the LNP is unlikely but the party may manage to win enough votes to form a minority government with minor party support.

Most, however, tip a narrow win for Labor, giving them just enough to govern in their own right and in the face of what national media is describing today as “overwhelming disappointment ‘in the Palaszczuk Labor Government.

The other agreed ‘expert’ position is tha the minor parties wil take seats from both major parties.

The magic number Annastacia Palaszczuk and Tim Nicholls is 47. In the new 93 seat Parliament, they need to see at least that many seats fall their party’s way for either of them to claim the Premiers’ Padded Leather Chair.

Should neither party achieve that many seats, then the horse trading begins with both parties offering ‘deals’ with the minors and the independents in an effort to gain their support for minority government.

Both major Parties having ruled out a Coalition with the minors, so if we can’t hit the magic number- then what Queensland ends up with will be another three years of minority government.

It’s who is at the head of that government that’ll be answered sometime in the future…and probably not tonight, if we’re to believe the experts.

Plus More will bring you local results tonight and the overall State picture as it comes to hand, with reports from 6 tonight.