The Great Milk Rip Off

Member for the State Seat of Hill, Shane Knuth, is furious at supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths – Over their much-publicised levy on milk to assist farmers.

He says all they have done is create a 10 cents a litre milk levy on their own branded milk.


Mr Knuth says the funds raised will not reach most farmers and the levy is making a mockery of the original levy put forth by dairy farmers and Queensland Dairy farmers Organisation (QDO) – 10 cents a litre for all farmers across Australia, not just a temporary band-aid for farmers in drought affected areas.

“At this present moment we have 370 dairy farms here in Qld, back in 2000 we had 1,500.”

“This 10 cents a litre levy from Woolworths and Coles on their own brand of milk is a cop out because it doesn’t reach the original proposal.”

“It appears the supermarket giants are jumping on the publicity bandwagon and turning it into a drought only issue – rather than a long term and growing concern across the entire industry that will continue to go downhill without serious action.”

His comments follow moves by the Katter Party MP moved a motion in Parliament to take action in the fight for farmers by introducing an immediate levy, put forward by QDO, that would go directly to farmers and had public backing with more than 100,000 people having signed a petition in support.

“KAP wanted to put pressure on all major supermarkets to honour it – which could be achieved with the full weight of the Parliament behind it – that required Labor and the LNP supporting KAP’s motion – however, Labor voted unanimously against it.”

The Coles drought levy, Mr Knuth says is on its three litre bottles across Australia – all money goes to the National Farmers Federation Fund, not dairy farms.

Woolies levy is on one and two litre bottles only, and only on the drought lines in QLD, NSW and VIC, which will go directly to the processor and back to the farmers to drought affected areas.