Things NOT So Batty in Surat

Seems we’re getting on top of the Flying fox issues in Surat.

flying-foxCouncillor Robyn Bryant, Portfolio Chair for Rural Services says although the population is still roosting on the Balonne River, the control measures have helped to reduce numbers.

“The flying fox numbers in Surat are down on previous years, following the implementation of a number of measures to reduce the colony.”

“New methods trialled this year to deter the animals include the installation of an ultrasonic sound system (which puts out an unpleasant sound), as well as the installation of a bird-like kite.”

Councillor Bryant says these control measures will remain in place until the end of December this year.

“While Council faces many limitations when trying to control this species, this year’s measures are a good way forward to minimize the impacts of the colony while they are here.”

Surat’s permanent water supply, ample trees for roosting and a substantial food supply of nectar, pollen and fruit, the town provides the species with the perfect place to roost during their breeding season.

Councillor Bryant says locals play a big role in control efforts.

“Council would like to thank our Surat residents for getting involved and helping us to reduce the flying fox population in town and along the river.”