Vale – Tom Lockie

The Funeral for Tom Lockie, one of the South West’s Tourism staunchest advocates, will be held at the Barcaldine Town Hall at 9am on this Saturday, (January 13).

tom lockie (002)
Tom, who passed away after a long illness has been described by Outback Queensland Tourism Association general manager, Peter Homan, as a visionary in the industry.

“He was instrumental in making sure outback Queensland had a voice in Brisbane, in getting the ear of the right people, and making sure they visited to see what he was saying for themselves.”

Tom’s Artesian Country Tours introduced many to heritage and Dreaming sites in the Aramac region, and his work is hailed by many.

Western Queensland photographer, John Elliott says the work Tom has done is as important to the west as our iconic Tourism centres.

“People talk about the characters they meet as much as the places they’ve visited and landscapes they’ve seen. People want an authentic bush experience and Tom gave it to them. Tom wasn’t flash, but he was fair dinkum.”

“I think Tom pioneered that sort of tourism.”

Barcaldine Regional Council mayor, Rob Chandler says Tom was everyone’s mate.

“He entertained at the caravan park every night, talking about the bush. He played a big part in the city’s affinity with the bush.”