Warrego school children to be cool under LNP Plan

Queensland school children are set to be cooler under a Liberal National Party plan to air condition every state school classroom in Queensland.

school air conditioning
Member for Warrego Ann Leahy and long-term school air conditioning campaigner says children and teachers east of a line from Mitchell and Bollon had been suffering in hot classrooms for too long.

“The prisons in this state are air conditioned but the classrooms are not –Currently there are children and teachers sweltering in classrooms with no air conditioning. The LNP want to change this.”

“This is all part of our plan to make Queensland kids the smartest in the nation.”

Ms Leahy says the LNP would prioritise air conditioning for every classrooms in Queensland state schools to give children in Warrego Electorate the best chance at learning.

“Studies have shown that students perform better and produce better results in schools that have air-conditioned classrooms.”

“In 2017, 13 out of 20 NAPLAN rankings went backwards and it is no wonder kids are struggling to learn when some days their classrooms are over 35 degrees.”

“We have listened to the concerns of parents, teachers and P&Cs over the temperatures in classrooms and this is why we have developed a plan to upgrade air conditioning in classrooms at state schools in Warrego Electorate.”

“Our plan to air condition classrooms will lead to better student results and a more comfortable working environment for our teachers, teacher aides and Principals.”

“We want our kids to be the smartest in the nation, as well as the coolest.”