Woollies Low Pay – A Race to the Bottom


Bob’s got a Christmas Bee in his KAP bonnet.

The Federal Member for Kennedy and KAP Leader, Bob Katter is in disbelief and disappointment he says, following receiving the news that a massive wages deal has been struck between Woolworths and conservative union SDA (Shop, Distributive & Allied Employees).

Mr Katter says the move is ‘scandalous’, and a ploy to hide “secret” low wages.

Mr Katter’s comments follow southern reports that the union has struck an extraordinary deal with Woolworths to hide the pay rates of supermarket workers.

The reports claim Woolworths aims to employ 400 workers across four “dark stores” – a term used to describe a retail outlet or distribution centre that focuses only on online shopping.

Mr Katter warns that as Woolworths continues to open more of these so-called “dark stores” in a bid to compete with e-commerce giant Amazon, it will be the employees that feel the sting of injustice with a wage package as much as $3000 a year less than workers in regular Woolworths stores.

Mr Katter is calling it a “race to the bottom”, which if unopposed, Woolworths will likely win.

“A race to pay the lowest wages, While the Federal Governments contest, they’ve allowed Uber in, and cheered them on – meanwhile wage structures in the taxi industry have been destroyed.”

“More than half the workforce I would argue has lost wages and conditions over the last 10 years through casualisation, contracting work out, and the unbelievable continual commitment to the foreign corporation.”

Mr Katter says government needed to empower people against the corporate might by legislating proposed laws the KAP has put to Parliament under the Reducing Supermarket Dominance Bill 2013 that make it illegal to hold more than 20 per cent market share.

“But don’t expect any mainstream MPs from the corporate-controlled major parties to be interested in concentration of market power where small businesses are being wiped out and the consumer pays five times as much.”

“The government must be forced to intervene, or when they’ve wiped out all the competition, they’ll be able to charge us whatever they want – for food, petrol, hardware, liquor… the list goes on and on.”