Work Commences on Saleyards Truck Stop

It’s a case of killing two birds with one stone- as preliminary works will commence on the Roma Saleyards truck stop and heavy vehicle hardstand next week.cattle truck 2

And the bonus is that the top soil to be removed onsite to go towards the Roma Levee revegetation project.

The works are expected to be completed over the next month, with a majority of the works including the stripping of topsoil and service installation.

With the removal of 100mm of material, Council is taking the opportunity to use the excess topsoil as part of the scheduled Roma levee revegetation works.

Deputy Mayor Jan Chambers, Portfolio Chair for Major Projects says with material needed to be removed from one, and required for the other – these two projects have aligned well.

“We are very lucky to have available the right amount of soil needed to get the levee’s revegetation prospering.”

“Residents near the levee will notice that control measures will be in place along the levee over the next few months to reduce erosion. With the truck stop at the Roma Saleyards having been in the pipeline for many years, it is very exciting that works will soon be commencing – I look forward to the next few months as it progresses”

Council says the major works associated with the Roma Saleyard’s Precinct development, such as hard stand and access road construction, will commence around late May 2017, weather permitting.