Workshops Build Self-Belief

A series of workshops in the South West later this month and in July will give participants practical tools to create a life with purpose and strategies to deal with emotional challenges.

South West HHS Regional Adversity Coordinator Gavin Johannesen says the workshops would help people build belief in themselves and overcome negative thoughts and emotions.

They will be held at Cunnamulla, Charleville, Roma, St George and Mungindi.

He says the workshops would be facilitated by mental health occupational therapist Alexandra Donoghue from the St George Medical Centre.

Ms Donoghue says it was easy for people to become complacent in their lives.

“We can easily lose sight of our values, what matters to us. So often people say to me they just want to be happy, but they are not sure how to achieve this.”

“Happiness is achieved by knowing what matters to you, what drives you in life, and incorporating this into every day.”

“So, for example, if creativity is important to you, then doing something creative every day, playing a musical instrument, doing sewing or cooking or art, is going to be enriching and enhance your well-being.”

“If being an active family member is important to you, then spending quality time with family members is going to contribute to your well-being.”

“This all seems fairly intuitive. However, it is easy to get caught up on the treadmill of life. Often it is one of the four Ds – death, disease, divorce, disaster – that brings people back to their core, restoring their perspective on what is important for them.”

“Sometimes it can be challenging to live your values. Nelson Mandela for example, spent 27 years in gaol for living his values. So, this workshop will also incorporate some strategies to deal with the difficulties that life can throw at us and help individuals to strengthen their relationship with themselves – their own self-esteem and inner strength.”

The dates and locations for the workshop are:
• Cunnamulla: Monday, 25 June, at the Cunnamulla Primary Health Care Centre Conference Centre, John St.
• Charleville: Tuesday, 26 June, at the Charleville Hospital, Floor 1 – Gallery Room.
• Roma: Wednesday, 27 June, at the Roma Hospital, Roma Hospital Training and Development Room.
• St George: Thursday, 28 June, at the Care Balonne Conference Centre, Victoria St.
• Mungindi: Friday, 20 July, at the RSL Community Centre in St George St.

All sessions are FREE, with light refreshments provided and will be held from 9.30 am to 2.30 pm.

RSVP to [email protected] or phone (07) 4624 2977 for further information.