YeS – A Project for Schools

The Office of the eSafety Commissioner has launched a new education program, The YeS Project, encouraging young people and teachers to explore online issues including cyberbullying and image-based abuse, sparking important conversations and problem solving in students’ online and offline worlds.

eSafety Commissioner, Julie Inman Grant says that as young Australians continue to encounter a range of confronting and challenging experiences online, they need to know how to deal with them.

“Reassuringly, our research suggests that young people are able to recognise the positive outcomes that arise from negative incidents online, like knowing how to manage these risks or helping a friend through online strife.”

“The YeS Project aims to build on these behaviours, empowering students to positively influence their online worlds – individually and as a group – by being supportive peers, sharing stories and knowing what to do if something goes wrong online.”

The Commissioner Says the Project also helps teachers build their capacity in a space that can be uncomfortable and sometimes foreign – but one that she says is vital to understand in order to help young people navigate the online world more safely.

“In its unique format, teachers can choose from 12 standalone workshops to design a program that works for their students and school environment.”

“This comprehensive and responsive approach to eSafety learning helps to facilitate positive, long-term behavioural change. Students will develop skills to help lead, influence, mentor and support their fellow peers.”

This digital and social health program is mapped against the Australian curriculum and mirrors other health education initiatives, using an ethics framework to support young people caring for themselves, their peers and their worlds.

Teachers can download The YeS Project free Workshop Handbook and Educator Guide, including a conversation starter video at