Your Chance to Buy In

Commerce Roma President, Mitch Greig will be one of the attendees at this weeks’ GasFields Forum and the organization is seeking members who have any issues or concerns that they would like raised, to let them know by close of business Wednesday.

Queensland’s GasfieldsThe Forum is being held Thursday and is the result of a recent review of the GasFields Commission Queensland undertaken by Robert Scott.

That review included a number of recommendations relating to engagement, sharing of information and referral services to facilitate balanced and respectful relationships in informed and self-reliant communities.

The Forums aim to provide a setting to network and identify key opportunities for collaboration and resolution of issues including recent trends and experiences across the business community in relation to gas industry activity; listening to current concerns raised by the business community; and to share ideas to build self-reliant communities and how the Commission can help to achieve this.

Any thoughts or issues should be forwarded to Commerce Roma by close of business tomorrow.